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We Know Minnesota Real Estate

The law firm of Jaspers, Moriarty & Wetherille, P.A., has served Shakopee, Minnesota, and its surrounding areas for more than 40 years, including performing titles searches, deputy torrens examiner work and development agreements. You will appreciate our command of the local real estate market. We also know how to navigate local planning departments and who to contact to help complete a project.

Your Local Real Estate Consultants

Having seen our local area explode with development over our 40 plus years in business, our lawyers have experience in all aspects of real estate. Whether assisting clients with selling farm land, building an apartment or commercial property, redeveloping an old historic property, our attorneys have really done it all. Our experience in the local market provides us with the seasoned legal judgment you need, particularly if your issue falls into a gray area of the law or involves an unsettled legal principle.

There is no need for you to go downtown to get your real estate work done. Whether you need help with real estate transactions or litigation, we can assist you right here with a comprehensive variety of legal issues, including, for instance, those matters involving:

  • Farmland
  • Contracts for deed and sale
  • Lease agreements, drafting and review
  • Landlord issues
  • Land use and zoning
  • Boundary line litigation
  • Purchases and closings
  • 1031 exchange work

In doing so, our lawyers also work with you directly. By getting to know you and your own unique real estate needs, we can craft legal solutions responsive to your particular circumstances. That means giving you legal solutions today that also position you for success in the future.

2024 Commercial and Residential Landlord Lease and Eviction Changes

Changes to the landlord/tenant statutes in Minnesota will likely impact your commercial or residential rental business.  As part of the prior legislative session, the Minnesota Legislature made multiple additions and changes to the statutes governing your relationship with your tenants.  Most of the changes go into effect on January 1, 2024, but a few are in effect now.  While a comprehensive summary of the changes is beyond the scope of this post, the important highlights include:

  1. New commercial and residential restrictions on lease terms;
  2. New commercial and residential restrictions on timing of lease renewals and extension;
  3. New commercial and residential lease requirements;
  4. New commercial and residential inspection requirements;
  5. New residential landlord heating requirements;
  6. New prohibitions and remedies relating to residential marijuana use;
  7. New residential landlord entry requirements;
  8. Changes to eviction process;
  9. New right to counsel for residential tenants in certain public housing evictions; and
  10. Changes to the commercial and residential expungement process.

Some of the new laws and amendments also create new potential liability and penalties for landlords who fail to comply with the changes.

You should have your commercial and residential leases reviewed and updated before they are extended or renewed. Hiring an attorney with knowledge of the new landlord requirements for eviction actions is also a smart business move. Contact our office today to schedule a free consultation before you find yourself in a tough spot.

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