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Shakopee Divorce Lawyers With A Team Approach

When you are going through a divorce, you are going through that divorce all day, every day. You want an adviser on your side who can answer your questions and put your mind at ease.

At Jaspers, Moriarty & Wetherille, P.A., we provide you with those answers by taking a team approach to your case. We maintain a combined staff of attorneys and legal professionals so that you will always have someone you can rely on when you have questions or concerns, or need an advocate.

You Are The Driver

With more than 50 years in Shakopee, we have deep roots in the community and surrounding areas. This gives our lawyers a unique understanding of the lives of those in this region. In fact, our attorneys regularly work with a wide variety of local community groups, including the Shakopee Chamber of Commerce, Shakopee Dollars for Scholars and others.

Our team combines their commitment to the community with their personalized approaches to legal matters. With us, you are the driver. Our Minnesota attorneys work directly with you to provide you with legal strategies tailored to the particular circumstances of your divorce, including:

  • Property division
  • Business ownership interests
  • High-asset cases
  • Support and custody issues
  • Negotiations
  • Trial

Further, whether our lawyers advise you to go to trial or resolve a divorce issue through negotiation, you will know that you are relying on advocates who are dedicated to helping you resolve your divorce as efficiently as possible. To that end, they will provide you with candid feedback on where your case stands so that you will be able to make smart decisions about your future.

Answering Your Questions About Divorce

In our attorneys’ years of serving clients through their divorces, they have encountered a lot of preliminary questions about the process. To give you the information you need as soon as possible, they have answered some of the most common questions our clients have below.

What documents should I bring to my first divorce consultation?

The more information you can provide our attorneys about your marriage, the better. When you come to your initial consultation, bring as much documentation as you can about information like your and your spouse’s tax returns for the last three years; any nuptial agreements you have; pay stubs proving both of your incomes; any documents regarding a family business; copies of ownership documents, like titles and mortgages; any police reports or supporting evidence regarding domestic violence; and financial documents, such as bank statements. It can also be helpful to create a list of goals and other questions that you may have so that one of our lawyers can make the most of your time with them.

How long will my divorce take?

Every divorce is unique, and the factors that make up yours can determine how long it takes to resolve your divorce. Depending on how cooperative your spouse is with the divorce process, how long negotiations take, whether litigation is necessary and how quickly each party responds to their obligations, your divorce can resolve in a matter of a few weeks or a couple of months, with some exceptions lasting over a year.

How does property get divided in a divorce?

How your property gets divided amid a divorce can depend on several factors. Since Minnesota is an equitable distribution state, assets considered marital property are subject to division based on what a court considers fair. What the courts consider reasonable in your situation may look completely different in another. We can help you better understand your divorce, what a judge may think and how you can protect your best interests. Call 952-314-4189 to speak with one of our lawyers today.

Can nonmarital assets get divided in a divorce?

In most cases, individual spouses have full ownership of nonmarital assets. However, there can be circumstances where one spouse may be entitled to a portion of the other’s nonmarital assets. We can help you determine whether these assets could be subject to division and help you create an action plan to advocate for your interests.

Do I need an attorney?

When spouses try to work together through their divorce, one of them may suggest leaving lawyers out of the process to promote cooperation. While this may seem like a noble suggestion, it can leave you vulnerable in your divorce. Regardless of their circumstances, everyone should have an attorney help them through their divorce.

Your divorce lawyer is one of the few people whom you can turn to for help through your divorce, and ours are here to help you avoid critical mistakes, like missing document deadlines or saying the wrong thing in negotiations. They can also fight to reduce the time, effort and energy necessary to resolve your divorce.

How much does divorce cost?

Much like the length, the cost of divorce can vary depending on the circumstances. Typically, if spouses can mutually agree on the terms of their split, the process can be more cost-effective for both parties. If you have additional questions about what your divorce could potentially cost, speak with one of our attorneys today.

Call Us To Schedule An Initial Consultation

Divorce can be one of the most stressful and complex events you endure in your life. However, you don’t have to endure your divorce alone. We are here and ready to help. You can always count on us to put your needs first and respond to any questions or concerns you have in a timely manner. To make your first appointment with us, contact us online or call 952-314-4189.

To make your first appointment with us, contact us online or call 952-314-4189.