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Receivership and Professional Fiduciary Lawyers

Respected By The Community And By The Profession

There are reasons that judges in Scott County and throughout the metro area look to Jaspers, Moriarty & Wetherille, P.A., when they need to appoint attorneys to difficult cases and solve difficult-to-resolve problems. Judges know we combine our experience, skill and pragmatism to solve complex matters. From recovering assets in embezzlement and fraud cases, discovering secreted assets and putting them back where they belong, fixing probate or corporate actions done wrongfully, or dealing with feuding spouses or business owners, we are routinely entrusted with high stakes cases and consistently deliver results that the court expects and that serve the interests of justice.

We serve as receiver under Minn. Stat. § 576.25 in situations of corporate deadlock, to preserve or recover assets, in contested divorces, and to protect judgment creditors or pre-judgment matters to preserve assets.

We are appointed as a professional to audit the work of fiduciaries and report to the court about malfeasance.

We are appointed as personal representatives and trustee to oversee estate and trust administration, and to correct past wrongs including misappropriation of assets, prosecuting claims, corrective actions, unwinding fraud and embezzlement and similar problems.

    • Representative Cases:
      • In Re England – appointed as receiver and recovered a quarter million dollars in unpaid spousal maintenance from a dentist that fled Minnesota.
      • In Re Culp – sold residential property in highly contested divorce
      • In re Leffring ­– appointed as receiver and took control of business, liquidated assets, paid creditors, sold residential property and vehicle, in context of a highly contested divorce.
      • In re Reese – appointed receiver to market and sell residential property and handle insurance claim.
      • In re Brooks – appointed as receiver to control and ultimately sell a business owned by feuding spouses.
      • In re Kabes – audited actions of personal representative uncovering embezzlement of assets and later appointed as personal representative to correct wrongful actions and complete estate administration.
      • In Re Tollefson – appointed to review anomalies in audit of guardianship records resulting in prosecuting vulnerable adult maltreatment and embezzlement action to remove former guardian and recover embezzled funds.