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Shakopee Estate Planning Lawyers

There are reasons that judges in Scott County and throughout the Shakopee, Minnesota, area look to Jaspers, Moriarty & Wetherille, P.A., when they need to appoint attorneys to difficult cases. Judges know we combine our experience with a commitment to the well-being of our clients and our community. In fact, our firm has served in a number of community organizations over the years, including the Shakopee Chamber of Commerce, Shakopee Dollars for Scholars, Scott County Historical Society, Saints Foundation and River Valley Nursing Center.

Our personalized approach to estate planning and probate matters means you are in charge. Our attorneys work closely with you in order to understand your needs, those of your family and how you see your future. We draw on that individualized knowledge of your case to craft legal solutions uniquely responsive to your particular situation.

You Are The Driver

You will be able to look to us for candid guidance so you can choose wisely from the options available to you. Those options often include:

  • Probate litigation and will contests
  • Personal representatives
  • Guardianships and conservatorships
  • Wills and trusts (including special needs trusts, cabin trusts and AB trust planning for tax purposes)
  • Health care directives
  • Powers of attorney

Our lawyers know the legal process appears complicated and confusing. That is where our personalized approach also helps. Because we work closely with you, we focus on helping you understand exactly what is happening and how it affects your case.

Answers To Common Estate Law Questions

Below, we’ve provided answers to questions prospective clients frequently ask about estate planning, probate and related matters.

Is it possible for my family to avoid the probate process for my estate?

Yes, it is! This is one of the most common goals clients have when seeking the help of our estate planning attorneys. There are numerous tools and legal instruments you can utilize to either simplify the probate process or eliminate the need for it entirely. These include revocable living trusts, owning real estate in joint tenancy and using various transfer-on-death and payable-on-death designations for specific assets like vehicles and bank accounts.

What is a business succession plan, and why do I need one?

You’ve worked incredibly hard to find, grow and maintain your business. But what will happen to your business when you retire or unexpectedly pass away? Having a succession plan in place will protect the future of your business, protect business-related assets set aside for your loved ones and prevent unnecessary costs and expenses that could leave the business insolvent.

We are a multipractice firm, and our lawyers are highly knowledgeable in both estate planning and business law. As such, we are ideally suited to help you create a customized business succession plan.

Why is it important to designate a durable power of attorney?

All of us run the risk of becoming “incapacitated,” meaning that we lose the ability to make or communicate decisions for ourselves (often due to conditions like Alzheimer’s or dementia). By designating a durable power of attorney (POA), you are choosing someone you trust to make important decisions on your behalf in the event of your incapacity. You can choose ahead of time which powers to grant.

If you become incapacitated and have not designated a POA, your loved ones would need to go to court to seek guardianship or conservatorship. This is often a lengthy, stressful and expensive process, and it means that you won’t have a say in who the court appoints as your guardian or conservator.

What if I don’t know which estate planning tools and documents I need?

When you meet with our attorneys, we’ll take the time to learn about you and your assets, and we’ll ask about your concerns and overall goals. From there, we’ll recommend the right estate planning tools for you and help you create a customized plan that leaves you with peace of mind.

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