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Experienced Lawyers For The Intersection of Business Law And Family Matters

A legal issue can be time-consuming and expensive and can take your energy away from your business. Naturally, you want to resolve the issue as quickly as you can. Our attorneys at Jaspers, Moriarty & Wetherille, P.A., have extensive experience and knowledge in advising consumers, business clients and individuals in Shakopee with various business litigation and business matters. 

With their extensive knowledge and experience in negotiation and litigation, our lawyers can help you find viable solutions to your business’s legal problems so that you can get back to working on the stuff that matters to you.

What Business Issues Can Our Shakopee Law Firm Help You With?

Issues that our attorneys resolve for our clients include the following:

    • Succession & transition planning in estates
    • Business assets in divorce – valuation, division
    • Transactions
    • Business formation & partnerships
    • Shareholders agreements, operating agreements, general partnership agreements, limited partnership agreements
    • Buy-sell and transfer provisions

Our team can also help companies stay compliant with the regulations of multiple government bodies. When a company violates the law, that can result in fines, public relations headaches and strict enforcement agreements. New laws and initiatives can quickly make business owners targets of ambitious U.S. attorneys, state attorneys general and other agencies. 

Regardless of which agency you’re dealing with, our attorneys can create a custom plan for your company that ensures you’ll reach compliance and retain it. 

Protecting Your Business Interests In Divorce

Business owners often hold many valuable assets, which creates unique concerns when they get divorced. Whether your legal issues involve real property, investment accounts or retirement accounts, our lawyers at Jaspers, Moriarty & Wetherille, P.A., will understand your concerns and are equipped to protect your interests and assets during your divorce.

Our attorneys are on your side. They’ll go to battle for you if necessary. They know how badly you want to win, and they’re equally committed to this goal. Our lawyers have the negotiation skills it takes to resolve your legal matter favorably.

Safeguarding Your And Your Business’ Legacy

As you advance in your life and career, you need to think about what will happen to your business when you’re not around anymore. You’ll want to avoid disruptions that could affect your reputation and the health of your venture and protect your assets. 

Our attorneys are well versed in estate planning and business law and can help you create a solid estate plan. They can help establish arrangements that address your concerns and uphold your legacy. They’ll minimize estate tax liabilities to ensure that your family receives as many assets as possible. 

Let’s Conquer Your Business Issues Today

We know it’s challenging when business mixes with your personal life. That’s why we take an aggressive yet sympathetic approach to these cases. Call our office at 952-314-4189 or message us online to set up your no-obligation consultation.