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Is there a good time of year to end a marriage?

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2018 | Divorce |

According to a psychiatrist from the Advocate Medical Group, different times of the year could put more strain on a relationship than others. In fact, most Minnesota divorce lawyers will tell you that January and February are among the most popular times for couples to initiate their divorce proceedings. So, if you’re considering divorce in the beginning of the year, you’re not alone.

Why is the beginning of the year a popular time for divorce?

The holiday season, from November through the end of December, is a time when people want to feel happy and comfortable with their families. It’s also a time when they will be spending more time than usual with their families. If a martial relationship is strained this time of year, the situation could be so uncomfortable and so unfulfilling that spouses finally decide to call it quits.

Added to the stresses of the holidays is the fact that Valentine’s Day will be coming right around the corner. If things weren’t working out on New Year’s Eve, and the feeling of love and affection were missing, there’s a fair chance they won’t return by Valentine’s.

Another reason the beginning of the year may draw some couples as a time to consider divorce is that, with so much going on during the holidays, spouses usually don’t want to create stress or bad memories around that time of year, so they’ll often wait until the beginning of January to have the divorce talk with their families.

Is there a better time for you to divorce?

Some people choose to divorce at different times of the year for various reasons. Maybe summertime is coming, and you can’t bear to spend another month in Barbados with your spouse during your annual summertime getaway. Maybe it’s back-to-school season and it has become apparent how little your spouse does to help out with the kids.

So, what the “right” time to get divorced is can vary greatly from couple to couple. Whatever time of year a person decides to pursue divorce, having solid guidance on the divorce process can be important.