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Prince's Estate - Intestate Inheritance

By: Jim Conway, Shareholder Estate planning, including writing a will, is important to accurately describe who you wish to inherit your property and to avoid infighting among heirs, particularly where a person has no living children. In Minnesota, a person that dies without making a will passes their estate in accordance with Minnesota's intestate succession laws. These laws spell out who gets what property, and which relations have priority over other ones. For Prince's estate this will be a little messy because Prince apparently has no children, has a full-blood sibling, and a number of half-siblings, some of whom may not be known to the others. Sorting out who is even related to Prince is going to be a primary issue. But once that happens, the question many people are asking is whether Prince's full-blood sibling will get all or the estate, or a greater share, than any half-siblings or more distant relations.

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