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JMW is a #OneStopLawShop

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2015 | Firm News |

The practice of law has seen a movement towards single-area practices for solo and small firms over the last 30 years.  Many lawyers make the choice to focus on a single area of practice to market themselves as “specialists” (though the law and legal ethics do not allow lawyers to claim specialist status unless formally approved by the Minnesota Bar Association).  The choice may be based upon a marketing strategy, a genuine interest in a certain area of practice, or simple economics.  There are very good reasons for lawyers and law firms to choose to focus on a specific practice areas.  That being said, there are also very good reasons to have a broad scope of experience in your law firm.

At JMW, we consciously choose to offer a #onestoplawshop practice model.  Why?  Here are some of the reasons:

  •   Our firm was founded in the 1970’s.  To sustain itself, a law firm at that time had to be able to handle virtually any issue encountered locally with stellar client service.  This was a founding principle of our practice, and one that continues to shape our practice today.
  • This is perhaps the most significant consideration when a law firm is deciding what services it will provide.  In a large city, where lawyers are plentiful, there is a good reason to limit the practice areas.  In a smaller city, with fewer lawyers, the local market needs professionals that can tackle a wide-range of issues.  Though a growing city, Shakopee still has a small town feel and many folks want to keep their business local.  With the Scott County Courthouse just two blocks away from our office, offering a #onestoplawshop provides the best service for our clients.
  • Full-Service Advice. This is the number one benefit to choosing a law firm with a broad base of knowledge.  We find that a client’s needs often overlap from one area of the law to another.  For example, we may represent a client in their divorce, and the divorce may have issues related to a past or potential bankruptcy proceeding.  The client may need estate planning, but also owns a small business that must be considered in the estate plan so the client’s wishes are carried out effectively.  The client may need assistance with real estate work in conjunction with a divorce, a business deal, or in a probate or an estate planning matter.  A client may also have a child with special needs that requires a court-appointed guardian or conservator following a family law matter.

Almost every client we serve has needs that span multiple practice areas.  By having attorneys with experience in most practice areas, JMW is able to bring a team approach to handling client matters that provides the BEST advice possible for the client, and reasonable rates.

If you’ve ever wondered whether we handle a certain type of case, search for #onestoplawshop on Twitter or Facebook to see our firm updates on things we’ve worked on.  You might be surprised.  If you have a legal matter that you’d like to discuss, call our #onestoplawshop at (952) 445-2817 for a free consultation.