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How do I find a lawyer?

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2014 | Firm News |

For many people, lawyers are different from other professionals like dentists, doctors and accountants, because people don’t often plan on needing a lawyer. I am often asked how to find a lawyer, and often ask my clients how they found me. Because of the internet, more and more people search for lawyers online; choosing one whose website has information that matches the client’s need. In addition to standard Google or Yahoo searches, there are very good professional referral sites like that can help you find a lawyer that fits your need.

Perhaps most interesting, however, is that the vast majority of clients that come to JMW do so on a referral from a friend or family member. At JMW, we take pride in knowing that our clients come back to see us, and refer their friends and loved ones to us. Even in today’s age of technology, referrals are a huge source of business for many lawyers. The reasons behind this trend are likely many and difficult to define. While anyone with some minimal computer skills can design a comprehensive website or online presence, a referral does something that no other source can: it tells you about someone else’s real life experience.

We encourage potential clients to make a few phone calls before hiring a lawyer. Call friends, parents, relatives, or co-workers to ask if they know of any good lawyers. If all else fails, cold-call two or three lawyers to see if you can get a feel for them. Most lawyers offer consults for free, or a very reasonable fee. In a consult, you can get to know the lawyer and have a better idea if there is a good fit between you and the lawyer. The most important factor in hiring a lawyer is that you hire someone you feel like you can trust; give us a call at (952) 445-2817 to see if we can earn yours.